Countertops Connecticut

Kitchen Countertops in Connecticut

Connecticut. In a kitchen, the countertop is quite eye catching and demands a little indulgence. But before you go any further decide your budget. In the countertops business quality does not demand price, aesthetics do.

Laminates are a common choice with its innumerable varieties in addition to its durability. Formica, post form, custom bevel edge or wood edges are a few of the many varieties available in laminates. ...

Kitchen Design in Connecticut

In the Kitchen - Granite Worktops

Granite for Connecticut is formed from molton rock over millions of years making it very hard, durable, scratch resistant and an ideal material for the demands of a busy kitchen.

Polished granite in all colours can be made for the most demanding bespoke kitchen in our own workshop in Conneticut which inclined drainer grooves, polished sink cut outs, tap holes and choice of edge profile. ...